SR-TEK leads the way with innovative new transparent pressure tanks 

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SR-TEK leads the way with innovative new transparent pressure tanks 


The latest product from SR-TEK, the CT Series are clear pressure tanks which reduce research and development time by allowing engineers and scientists to observe reactions and make changes in real-time.


The CT Series of clear pressure tanks has been used by 150 customers to use for research and development and a further 250 are being used to manufacture automotive and electronic parts, including major global manufacturers (ABB, BMW, Mitsui Components, Teledyne, Johnson & Johnson, and Morgan Plc). The main benefit is that precision with which the CT Series dispenses adhesives, sealants and lubricant sprays.


For any manufacturing business looking to improve their efficiency and reduce their fluid waste, the CT Series is a brilliant solution. SR-TEK founder, Loris Medart said: 


“All too often I’d find that complex manufacturing systems were let down by pressure tanks that were no more complex or refined than a giant paint pot. This was fine for 1970s style mass production when fluids were simple and cheap, but proves costly and unproductive in the modern era of small-batch, agile manufacturing and high-cost composite fluids.


“To combat this we’ve created a range of carefully engineered small and large scale vessels that reduce fluid waste, improve efficiency and are cost-comparative to existing models.” 


Loris continued: “The CT Series takes this to a higher level by allowing developers, engineers and manufacturers to monitor and adjust conditions in real-time, halving development and testing time and speeding up maintenance and monitoring.”


Product features:

  • Composed of toughened Borosilicate glass or Acrylic
  • Pressurised up to four bars
  • Available in 0.5L, 2L, 5L and 10L sizes 
  • Anti-corrosive
  • All models can also be fitted with air agitators, low level sensor and additional ports.
  • Made from stainless steel 303 (316 available on request), Acrylic or toughened glass
  • Can be fitted with detection, monitoring and agitation.
  • Custom sizes and design are available on request.
  • The only commercially available transparent pressure vessels.


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