In Action: How the CT Series was used for R&D

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In Action: How the CT Series was used for R&D

A brilliant solution for R&D teams, the CT Series pressure tanks were used by a large Oil & Gas company in the UK to help them perform tests on subsea components.


In this application, the component was connected to a series of sensors and placed inside the CT Series pressure tank (2 litre, clear tank) prior to being moved under pressure between oil and water via a magnet system.  This setup allows the researcher to observe and measure any changes in operation.


To support this customer’s R&D process, SR-TEK modified the lid of the clear tank to accommodate the wiring required to monitor the testing of each component.


An SR-TEK CT Series pressure tank was chosen for this process because the see through design of the vessel allowed the operators to easily monitor fluid levels. In addition, the CT Series is compatible with a variety of fluids and applications and the design means that the contents do not corrode.  


Product features:

  • Composed of toughened Borosilicate glass or Acrylic
  • Pressurised up to four bars
  • Available in 0.5L, 2L, 5L and 10L sizes 
  • Anti-corrosive
  • All models can also be fitted with air agitators, low level sensor and additional ports.
  • Made from stainless steel 303 (316 available on request), Acrylic or toughened glass
  • Can be fitted with detection, monitoring and agitation.
  • Custom sizes and design are available on request.
  • The only commercially available transparent pressure vessels.

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