Adhesives specialist is latest SR TEK distributor

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Adhesives specialist is latest SR TEK distributor

SR TEK is delighted to announce that ECT Adhesives is working with us to launch our series of pressure tanks and agitation systems to their extensive range of clients in Ireland, including medical device assembly, electronics, wood working, sign manufacturing, packaging and construction.

ECT Adhesives is Ireland’s leading glue supplier and provider of dispensing systems and are keen to add SR TEK’s holding tanks and mixing tanks to their range. These can be fully integrated with their adhesive and current dispensing systems.

A huge part of ECT Adhesives’ customer base includes medical device manufacturers, so adding SR TEK’s pressure tanks and agitation systems to their offering will be invaluable for companies who produce stents, pacemakers, orthopedic implants, catheters and respiratory devices. A pressure tank or electric agitation system will help the manufacturers to dispense the adhesive, control the humidity or temperature and to control the adhesive’s flow rate.

General Manager of SR TEK, Loris Medart said: “SR TEK is always looking to work with suppliers who can integrate our agitation and pressure tank systems with their solutions. When we initially spoke to ECT Adhesives through Linked In, it became clear very quickly that our ranges would integrate very well. But more than that, we want to work with an organisation with a highly experienced team who, like SR TEK, support their customers by providing expert support throughout the application process.”

CEO of ECT Adhesives, Tarlach FitzGerald  added: “We were incredibly impressed with the range of products on offer from SR TEK and the ease at which it’s possible to integrate their agitation systems and pressure tanks with our fluid distribution systems. In particular, we believe that their unique range of clear pressure tanks will be invaluable for our medical device customers.  Our extensive technical knowledge of fluids and chemicals, combined with SR TEK’s understanding of dispensing and application heads means we can offer something truly unique to the market.”

Find out more about ECT Adhesives.

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