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SR TEK has recently launched the 900 ML-S, a low pressure, low volume feed reservoir and we thought we’d answer all your questions about this great new product.  The 900 ML-S is designed for low level production facilities where you need to dispense a low volume of fluid via a pressurised cartridge. Read on to find out more about why we’ve developed this new product and the ways it can help you in your production process:.

Who is the 900 ML – S designed for?

As a disposable cartridge system, the 900 ML-S is designed for low level production. Typically, an operator would work a component by hand or a desktop 3 axis dispensing robot would work a small batch of components. Your production might be for 50 or 100 pieces at a time.

We’ve designed the cartridge so that it can dispense a low volume of liquid. Typically, 900ml would be enough fluid to last either a day or a week, depending on the production run. 

What type of fluid can go in the 900 ML-S?

The 900 ML-S can hold a range of low to medium viscosity adhesives, plus silicones, ink, lubricants/oils, paints.

Which sectors (this is a draft question)?

The 900 ML-S is a highly versatile feed reservoir and can work in a variety of sectors including automotive, electronic, aerospace and consumer products. It is ideal for assembly lines, small workshops and R&D shops. 

How is the 900 ML-S different to any other product?

Many cartridge retainers are made from steel or aluminium which are designed to pressurise the cartridge up to 6.9bar. The cost of this type of system can vary from £400 to £600 . Yet a lot of customers only need a couple of bars and don’t wish to buy a super-strong, engineered retainer. That’s why we have developed the 900 ML-S at a price of £300. 

How long will a single cartridge last?

This will vary depending on your process, however you would ideally want to use a new cartridge every time you start a new process. It is possible to refill the cartridges, however you would need to check the integrity of the plastic as it might impact the effectiveness of the dispensing. Our recommendation is to use a new cartridge every time, however the cartridges can be recycled, which is great.

Can it work/compliment with any other systems/machines?

We have designed the 900 ML-S to work as a standalone product as well as integrating with other dispensing systems, such as EFD and Finsar.  

How does the capacity sensor work?

This is a great additional feature which frees up the operative’s time during the dispensing cycle as they will be alerted if the fluid level of the cartridge is empty or is blocked.

The 900 ML-S is fitted with a sensor which is directly connected to the cartridge. A beam sensor will pick up whether the fluid is flowing and the operative can check the “Fluid Present” signal. If the sensor is blocked by the fluid or the piston, the operative will be alerted and will need to clear the block. 

What are the benefits of having this additional sensor? 

It provides greater flexibility because the system could be hooked up to an automatic dispensing machine, such as a dispensing robot. The sensor can send a signal when the cartridge is running low and stop the process automatically instead of  leaving the machine running empty. As we’ve mentioned, it will free up the operative’s time as they don’t need to wait for the fluid to run low.

How much extra is the low level volume capacity sensor?

The low level volume capacity sensor is an additional £299.43 and is a one off cost. It can be fitted to any cartridge.

Any final benefits?

This product is designed for companies/customers who need a benchtop low cost pressure feed system and need to use disposable retainers as opposed to a stainless steel tank that will require cleaning.

To find out more take a look at the 900 ML-S page

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