Addition to ST Series: Temperature Control Jacket

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Addition to ST Series: Temperature Control Jacket

For any engineer or manufacturing operative, the ability to maintain a consistent temperature is critical for the efficient running of your production line. Changes in temperature, even within a few degrees, can cause a huge amount of disruption, particularly if you’re using a temperature sensitive liquid, such as UV adhesives, epoxies or other thixotropic materials. 

However, SR-TEK’s latest innovation will allow you to maintain maximum insulation and will limit any heat loss with the new temperature control jacket. The Temperature Control Jacket is designed to work with our ST Series pressure tanks and the dimensions have been custom-made to suit the ST Series, although we are already looking to expand the range of Temperature Control Jackets to suit the LT Series of pressure tanks. 

The new Temperature Control Jacket:

  • Maintains fluids at anywhere from 0˚C to 100˚C to ensure consistent production.
  • Is manufactured from polyester and reflective mineral wool to ensure maximum insulation, reduced heat loss and improved operator safety.
  • Has an integrated control panel, which provides easy temperature set up and read out.
  • Provides process engineers with an extra level of fluid control, by allowing a pressure tolerance of +/- 0.05psi.
  • Is easy to set up with no maintenance required.

Loris Medart, SR-TEK founder, said: “With all of the products in the SR TEK range, we aim to give engineers complete process control over the management of fluids. Temperature, like pressure, can impact viscosities and flow rates, with changes of just a few degrees causing considerable disruption to production. This latest innovation enables total environmental control – a great advantage for customers using the SR-TEK ST Series.”

The temperature control jacket has been designed specifically to fit our ST Series pressure vessels to accurately and consistently maintain temperature over fluids or components placed inside SR-TEK stainless steel vessels. Temperature control enables better process control over fluid viscosities and flow rates. 

Loris adds: “I wanted to add to our existing ST Series range to help our customers overcome the very common problem caused by fluctuating temperatures. I’m delighted that we can provide a cost effective solution that works for both large and small scale pressure vessels. The whole ethos behind SR-TEK is to provide engineers and manufacturing operatives with a range of tools that allow for maximum precision across all their processes.” 

For more information about the SR-TEK Temperature Control Jacket, visit

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