SR-TEK: In the News!

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SR-TEK: In the News!

Over the last few months, we have been working incredibly hard to raise the profile of SR-TEK and our products and are delighted to have featured in several prestigious engineering and manufacturing titles.

We want to bring awareness to the engineering and manufacturing sector about some of our unique products, which allow for greater precision and less waste in the fluid dispensing processes.

Here are some of the articles that have featured the SR-TEK range of pressure tanks.

900 ML-S

A new cartridge holder system from SR-Tek is set to halve the cost of entry level fluid handling for workshops and sub-contractors.

The 900ML-S cartridge holder is compatible with 32 Oz disposable Semco cartridges.

The lightweight holder can dispense low to medium viscosity adhesives, silicones, inks, lubricants, oils and paints up to a pressure of 2.0 bar.

Cross-Atlantic collaboration with Hartmann’s Inc

When US-based Hartmann’s Inc. needed a clear pressure tank to fulfil its design of a new highly precise fluid dispensing system it was the Milton Keynes manufacturer they turned to. Not only has this led to repeat orders from multiple areas of one of the world’s largest pharmaceutical businesses, but also the development of one of the most accurate dispensing systems on the planet.

Development of Paradigm Dispenser

SR-TEK collaborated with Paradigm-Solutions to use the SR-TEK CT Series to create a central resevoir to dispense fluid away from the inner workings of their core machine. Paradigm-Solutions chose to partner with SR-TEK because we provide the world’s only commercially available clear pressure tank.

Overcoming common fluid dispensing processing problems

A feature with SR-TEK’s distributor, Paradigm-Solutions, who was frustrated with the lack of precision and over-complication associated with many existing fluid dispensing systems and how a collaboration with SR-TEK and Paradigm-Solutions has led to improved efficiencies in both operations and research and development departments.

The benefits of transparency in fluid handling

Temperature, humidity, pressure and viscosity are just some of the variables that can affect the performance of fluids in a manufacturing process. As a result, it is often one of the most dreaded elements for many process engineers. With a small amount of effort, however, control and automation can be used to tame even the trickiest liquids. A key element of which involves treating this part of the production process as if it were a science experiment by fixing as many of the variables as possible.

New pressure vessel temperature control jacket from SR-TEK

The new jacket maintains fluids at anywhere from 0˚C to 100˚C to ensure consistent production and works with the SR-TEK ST Series of pressure tank.

Already one of the most accurate and compact vessels on the market, with a pressure tolerance of +/- 0.05psi, the new addition provides process engineers with an extra level of fluid control.

The SR-TEK temperature control jacket is manufactured from polyester and reflective mineral wool to ensure maximum insulation, reduced heat loss and improved operator safety. An integrated control panel provides easy temperature setup and read out.

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