SR-TEK launches heavy-duty pressure vessel

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SR-TEK launches heavy-duty pressure vessel

Having seen an increased level of demand from the automotive, electronic and aerospace manufacturers for a product to dispense consistent flow rates on thick and thixotropic fluids, we have developed a new heavy-duty pressure vessel designed to handle medium to high viscosity fluids.

The Piston Tank or PT-Series can handle silicone, adhesives, sealants, epoxies and UV gels as well as greases and thick paints, the PT Series ensures repeatable deposits on parts produced.  The Piston Tank is designed to operate using standard factory compressed air and can apply up to 6.9 bar of pressure.  Effective separation between the fluid and compressed air is built-in to prevent air curing.

  • The SR-TEK Piston Tank System can easily be set up with an automatic valve controller.
  • It is easy to fill with medium or high viscosity materials, such as engine oil.
  • It can be supplied with a hand trigger to use it as a dispensing gun.
  • The dispense valve can be held by the operator
  • A quick purge will remove any air bubbles left in the tubing and the valve.
  • The flexible system can be used for low volume deposits or filling containers.
  • It can be used for thicker materials, such as sealants, epoxies or greases if you need to produce dots or beads
  • It is a simple bench top module solution for manual applications for fluids that don’t require contact with air or high viscosity materials requiring consistent flow rate.

Loris Medart, SR-TEK founder, said: “Many of our partners and customers in the automotive and aerospace sector are looking for a solution to dispense thixotropic and thick materials such as silicone adhesives, sealants, epoxies, UV gels. greases and thick paints constantly and consistently.”

“The Piston Tank is a flexible solution for fluid dispensing and it has been designed to suit the various requirements across a number of different industries and manufacturing environments. We knew that it needed to be easy to set up and use, compatible with a wide range of medium to high viscosity fluids as well as dispensing systems and is compact enough to fit within most production lines.”