Smart Reservoir Technology - SR-TEK

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Smart Reservoir Technology - SR-TEK

8 years on since founding SR-TEK, we’ve taken the time to refresh our brand with the help of Phil Heaton from Everbrand (who also helped us design our latest free to access white paper). Having gone through the review process of what SR-TEK means to us and what we would like it to mean to you, it felt like the perfect time to explain why we’re called SR-TEK and what is a Smart Reservoir, when it comes to production and R&D.

Smart Reservoirs

Perhaps one of the most important elements of what we do. SR-TEK was born out of a decade’s worth of frustration being called out to global manufacturing sites to help diagnose why a particular process wasn’t going to plan. Eight out 10 times I’d find that while the dispenser was performing as it should be, looking further down the line, the fluid was being stored in an archaic tank, with a closer link to a DIY store paint mixer, than 21st century manufacturing.

Fluids can spend as much as 90% of production time in the reservoir. Without adequate temperature control, applied pressure agitation or even just a secure, airtight environment protected from the elements, it’s unlikely that fluids will perform to their optimum performance. The idea behind Smart Reservoirs Technology or SR-TEK was to provide a cost-comparative and adapted pressure vessel that could provide complete control and be compact enough to be sighted as close to the dispenser as possible.  


Technology has been a huge part of SR-TEK from the very beginning and latest developments and demand from customers are increasingly bringing this to the fore. I’ve already mentioned, some of the added functionality we can bring to our vessels in terms of temperature control and sensors, agitation and of course pressure. One of the areas I wasn’t as aware of at the start but is now a growing part of our business is that similar challenges were occurring in the new product development, testing and research sphere.

We’re extremely fortunate in being able to provide the world’s only transparent pressure vessels. Over the past 13 years we’ve seen a steadily increasing demand from some of the world’s leading universities blue chip companies including Apple and major research organisations like Boston Scientific for transparent vessels to be used as benchtop testing environments. This has risen to the point that now just over 50% of all transparent pressure vessels are now used in research and development and testing. R&D teams are increasingly valuing the ability to create a perfectly controlled environment, whether pressured of vacuum sealed in which they can test components and recreate real world conditions within the comfort and control of the lab. Transparent vessels are being used in applications as diverse recreating the conditions experienced by a battlefield helicopter, speeding bullet, underwater diving equipment and a Formula 1 race car.

Style, Durability & Innovation

The final and latest addition to our offering to you are customers, is part of an aspiration that I’ve had for the business really since the start. Not only do we want to create highly versatile, technologically advanced vessels that allow you to do everything you need and more, but we want form to follow function. Our pressure vessels whether the steel ST Series or transparent CT Series are all developed to look exactly alike to what they are, an incredible piece of kit that fits alongside latest manufacturing and R&D technology in production sites and testing labs. The SR-TEK bull is the latest advancement, along these lines. Inspired by my love of technology and the AlphaTauri racing team from the home of our new mainland European operation in Italy, the “T” of the SR-TEK bull represents the durability, dynamism, reliability strength and innovation we want to bring to your business.

Overall, some may say a logo is just a logo, but for me this latest iteration of SR-TEK is designed to hopefully ensure that you are proud to have our vessels in your facility, whether it be a lab or a high-tech manufacturing facility.    

To find out more about our full range of transparent and steel pressure vessels as well as our soon to be released specially designed research and development chambers email, call 0044 (0) 20 8242 4853

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