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Clear acrylic or glass cylinder and stainless Steel Pressure Tank 5.0L with with electric motor for agitation

Product Characteristics

Model5000ML-CTEL (Acrylic cylinder)
5000ML-CTGEL (Toughened glass cylinder)
Capacity5.0 liter
Dimensions150 mm inside diameter,
425 mm overall height, 7.6 kg empty
CertificationASME Section VIII-01, Div. 1
Directive 2014/68/EU Article 4 Clause 3
For group 2 liquids
MaterialWetted parts 303 stainless steel
Working Rated Pressure0 to 4 bar at from 0°C to 25°C
Working Rated Vacuum0 to -1 bar at from 0°C to 25°C
Closure4 black plastic star grips
Closure sealViton O-ring
Top & Bottom SealsViton
Internal finishMachined
External finishMachined
Minimum speed30rpm
Maximum speed800rpm
Power30W – Brushless motor – ATEX
RotationClockwise / Anti-Clockwise
MixerStainless steel shaft and single blade Impeller
OptionAlternative mixing element


8mm thick stainless steel

1 INPUT connection ¼” NPTwith pressure regulator & gauge
1 OUTPUT connection ¼” NPTwith compression fitting 6mm
1 OUTPUT connection ¼” NPTwith safety relief valve
1 connection M11with electric motor
4 connection M4with mounting bolts

Spare parts & Accessories

Anchor blade impeller


0-60psi Pressure regulator


Viton O-ring

Dual blade impeller


0-60psi gauge


0-60psi pressure relief vale

Tri blade impeller

Single blade impeller


6mm OD push-in-fitting

Top and Bottom seals

Viton flat seals


M8 black plastic star grip

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