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Syringe Mixer (main image)_ctverec
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Syringe Mixer

Syringe mixer for 10cc, 30cc or 55cc syringes

Product Characteristics

Model 10ML-AG
Capacity 10cc, 30cc or 55cc (such as Fisnar, EFD,
Techcon, etc…)
Dimensions 33mm diameter, 97.5 mm overall mixer body
height (without mixing element)
Material Anodized and clear aluminum
Mixing element Standard Stainless steel 316
Body Cylindrical
Power 0 – 24V DC
Working Pressure 0 to 72psi
Working temperature 4°C to 38°C
Air fitting 4mm compression elbow fitting
Closure Push-in adapter and locking ring
Sealing Viton O-rings & Buna seal
Internal finish Clear aluminium
External finish Blue anodize aluminum main body
Clear anodize aluminum body cap and
locking ring
Support Acetal bracket
Mixing element Standard stainless Steel WAVE Mixer
Configuration Interchangeable 10cc, 30cc and 55cc
Certification SR-TEK Certificate of Conformance –
In agreement with 97/23/EC Directive
Options Custom mixing elements on request
Note Controller not supplied

Spare parts & Accessories


Viton O-ring


Air inlet fitting


Mixer element


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